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About  ME

Just like every other voice over talent…yet completely different.

A Long story short(er)


I was a rambunctious kid growing up in Winnipeg. Maybe it was the seasons I had to live through – winter and mosquito’s – or maybe it was my overactive imagination. Either way, I was a handful for my parents. I seemed to only focus when watching Saturday morning cartoons or The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour. If I had to pinpoint where my initial love for voiceover started I’d have to say it was then.

Being a shy and introverted kid (except when I was the class clown on an almost daily basis), I never really pursued any performing arts. I just thought it would be “cool” to be the voice of some silly character on a Saturday morning cartoon one day.


After graduating from high school I found my interests being pulled towards the business world having watched my dad rise through the ranks of, at the time, one of the biggest department store chains in Canada. So my left-brain kicked my right-brain out of the way and led me off to business school where I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Management with a Marketing focus.


image of david gilbert voice actor

After a few years, curiosity drove me to a local studio in London, Ontario where I discovered they primarily use a Juilliard-trained union actor (this was pre-internet days) for their corporate videos. Having not even done a single school play, I thought, well, there goes that dream! So off I went to continue my career in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry in Sales and Marketing positions.

And then 2 serendipitous things happened: I was downsized from my last employer and my best friend said, “what about that radio thing?” And so began my journey into the wonderful world of voice over!

I set-up a professionally sounding studio. I absorbed every morsel of content online. Took countless hours of coaching. Attended oodles of hours of online workouts. Read and learned and was trained by several of the best coaches in the business. And had my demo’s produced by one of the leading producers in the industry. Doing voice overs has ignited this long lost passion.

With 24+ years of experience in Sales and Marketing before diving head first into the VO waters, I bring a strong business acumen, marketing experience, and solid work ethic to every audition, project and client interaction.

Let me bring my unique perspective, humble approach and “Tasmanian Devil” cartoon watching kid to your next project!

Yes, I have all the right tools. let’s Work Together!

From an acoustically treated booth using a large diaphragm condenser microphone through to Adobe Audition, I take great care to ensure I provide only the highest quality audio for my clients.

Whether you’re looking for meticulously edited finished professional broadcast quality audio files (in .WAV, .MP3, .AAIF or other formats), or just the raw file, it’s all up to you.

Want to connect and listen in or direct live in session? I can accommodate using a regular Phone Patch, Skype, Zoom, Bodalgo Call, Source-Connect Now, Source Connect or even ipDTL (which also allows ISDN bridging).

Need your files delivered via FTP, email, Dropbox, or WeTransfer – you got it!

Your complete satisfaction is my goal!

And yes, the sound wave image is how my full name looks, just in case you were curious!