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Do you know what problem you solve?

Do you know what problem you solve? As a voice actor, voice over talent, voice over artist, voice talent, voice artist or any other variation, it always was something I couldn’t put my finger on. Yes, we are storytellers, yes we convey information to an audience, yes...

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My most vulnerable post!

I'm generally a pretty private person - at least anything to do with what goes on inside my head. But the other day, I got an abnormal urge to act on a point of vulnerability and posted the following on LinkedIn. I didn't do it for the post to go viral or as a "cry...

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What Is Voiceover and What Can I Use it for?

Voiceover acting started with Reginald Fessenden in 1906. He was the first person on radio to transmit voice messages out to ships at sea during Christmas. Following shortly, Walt Disney voiced the Mickey Mouse character in the short animation Steamboat Willie. This...

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