Elements of Voice Over Rates

There are a number of factors that affect rates provided by voice over artists, so a simple question “how much do you charge” is really dependent on a number of factors. For a quote, please fill-in the detailed form below, or go to the Contact me page here and let me know what how I can serve you today.


The overall type of recording (ie Commercial, eLearning, Explainer, etc.)


Geographically where is it to be used (ie local, regional, national, global)


How long is the recording to be used (ie. 13-week commercial run, online for 6-months, internal training system for 1-year, etc.)


Where is the audio to be used (ie broadcast TV, Radio, the Internet, internal usage only)

Script Length

Providing a copy of the script is best to determine the time required to record, if not, then word count is the next best option.


Working towards your budget is my goal, but in some cases, it may not be possible given all the factors outlined above.
For insight into current industry average rates for a variety of projects, visit the GVAA Rate Guide, or SAG‑AFTRA (US) or ACTRA (CAN) rates guides.


  • Like any other product or service, value = quality + price + speed + customer service
  • You deserve transparency on pricing prior to starting any project
  • “You get what you pay for” applies equally in voice over services as it does in other industries
  • Having a business background, I view a successful negotiation as one that ends in a win-win situation for both parties and results in a long-term relationship
  • As a non-union voice talent, I choose to support industry-standard pricing and will not compete on price with other voice over artists

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