Let’s Make a Connection!

Really!! Connecting with you, getting to know you better, gaining a deep understanding of your needs, pain points and requirements is paramount to me. So I really do want to hear from you!

You can reach me via email (david@davidgilbertvoiceover.com), phone +1 (647) 339-1322, EST), comment form to your right, Skype, Bodalgo Call (a FREE conference calling option), or through any of my social media pages.

You can even schedule a call here if it’s better for you. It’s all up to you however you wish to communicate with me.

I know how frustrating it can be when you reach out to someone and they never respond. So I make this pledge to you: unless I am incapacitated, I will always get back to you within 12-hours of hearing from you. In most cases, it will be virtually immediately.

I have my smartphone on me at all times so unless I’m sleeping or in the middle of another job, I will respond to you as soon as humanly possible.

Live Connect Options

(for directed recording sessions)

Source Connect NOW
Connect, and direct a recording session right now with Source Connect NOW.

NOW what?

First, ensure this page is opened within your Google Chrome browser.

  1. Enter your name
  2. Enter the ‘pass key’ (sent to you by me before the session)
  3. Click ‘connect’

You can now direct the session or record it in HQ over the web.
No need for booking an expensive ISDN studio.
Multiple users can dial in to listen or comment.
Direct, or listen in right from your desktop or laptop.