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The COVID-19 pandemic significantly boosted the use of eLearning resources, leading to a widespread acceptance of online learning globally. Professionals, students, and parents have found that accessing educational materials from home is both convenient and efficient.

When selecting a narrator for your next eLearning project or video, consider David Gilbert, a male voiceover artist with years of  experience in the Learning & Development community and a natural command of various eLearning styles.

Let David bring your training content to life!


Benefits of Hiring David for Your eLearning Narration Voiceovers


eLearning is one of the most popular voiceover genres today. But what exactly is eLearning? eLearning videos and courses are digital versions of classes, tutorials, and how-to guides. Designed to instruct and inform, they are accessible on various platforms.

Major brands have started incorporating how-to videos on their websites and social media channels. Educational institutions have also expanded their online learning programs to reach a broader audience.

For eLearning narration, it’s essential to have a voice that exudes professionalism and expertise. This ensures your project guides the listener to a deeper understanding of the topic. David Gilbert has a dynamic and engaging voice, making him an excellent choice for audiences of all ages.

With years of experience as a coach and educator, David is a top-notch eLearning voiceover artist. He communicates clearly and keeps learners engaged with the content. His many outstanding qualities as an instructional narrator make him an invaluable asset to your eLearning projects. Here are just a few benefits of working with David!


Versatility Across Subjects

Whether your eLearning content covers science, technology, arts, or business, David Gilbert adapts his delivery to create an engaging and accessible experience for all learners. As a seasoned eLearning narrator, he excels in voicing a variety of topics across numerous subject areas. From intricate subjects in advanced learning to playful children’s programs, David is a relatable eLearning narrator for diverse educational needs.

Expertise and Accessible Content

Creating effective eLearning courses requires them to be accessible and employ high-quality techniques to enhance knowledge retention. Hiring a professional voice-over talent like David makes a significant difference.

An engaging voice can elevate the learning experience for viewers and listeners. Regardless of the topic, David Gilbert ensures quality content that promotes learner engagement across multiple subjects.

David’s eLearning narration is polished and assertive, while maintaining a friendly and approachable tone in each of his recordings.

Consistency Across Modules

Many eLearning programs consist of multiple modules covering a wide range of information. Consistency is key to maintaining learner engagement and content absorption. David’s reliable and familiar voice puts learners at ease and helps them commit to their educational journey. When recording multiple modules, David maintains a consistent pace, pitch, rhythm, and tone, ensuring a cohesive learning experience.

Extensive Experience

Brands and companies often think they need a subject-matter expert to narrate an eLearning project. However, a professional voice actor like David Gilbert can be more effective. Using a voice actor guarantees that your students, employees, and consumers are reached with confidence.

With decades of experience communicating to a variety of business stakeholders, David is an ideal fit for the eLearning format. His command of language, attention to detail, and understanding of diverse audiences and demographics make him a standout choice. David’s approachable sound makes any eLearning project accessible and engaging. Contact him today for a custom audition or quote!

Clarity and Pronunciation

David is renowned for his clear pronunciation in the booth. As a trained voiceover artist with improv training from Second City Improv in Toronto, his extensive experience ensures crisp and clear deliveries. He expertly modulates his tone and pitch for various projects, placing emphasis on keywords and phrases while maintaining clear diction. David’s goal is to use his voice to create a positive and effective learning experience for all.

Prompt Turnaround

David is passionate about voiceover work and spends most of his time in his broadcast-quality home studio. He delivers ready-to-use files with rapid turnaround – with most audio files returned in 24 hours or less, taking pride in meeting deadlines and collaborating with creative teams to provide the best experience possible. Skilled in audio editing, David always returns clean and professional files ready to drop into your projects.

Engaging and Professional Delivery

David captivates listeners and fosters imaginative and creative thinking. He narrates with learners in mind, making them feel part of the conversation. David’s professional home studio setup, features a custom-built recording booth, a CAD E100S large diaphragm condenser microphone, Steinberg UR22 audio interface, Adobe Audition CC, Izotope RX all running on a Mac Mini, ensuring you only receive high-quality sound.

Experience and Expertise

With over two decades in a variety of roles in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, David’s professional experiences greatly enhance his eLearning narration. Having worked with educational programs and major corporations, he understands the importance of creating engaging and accessible eLearning voiceovers for diverse audiences.


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David Gilbert’s genuine curiosity sets him apart as an eLearning voiceover artist. He excels in creating a welcoming learning environment for all listeners. David’s warm and enthusiastic tone, combined with his creativity and professionalism, brings a unique touch to various eLearning styles and topics. Whether it’s a formal project or a playful learning program, David aims to make each project unique and memorable.

Engaged learners are more likely to retain and apply information. David’s command of language, precise pacing, and attention to detail contribute to creating impactful eLearning voiceovers with lasting effects. His goal is to make content accessible to learners with diverse styles and needs. Choose David Gilbert, a professional male eLearning voiceover artist, for your next project!


How to Utilize a Male eLearning Voiceover

Working with a male voiceover artist like David Gilbert for eLearning narration ensures a professional and friendly sound. Making materials accessible to all learners is crucial, and David brings a natural conversational approach to his work. Listeners perceive him as a reliable source of important information, deepening the connection between narrator and learner. Here are some key eLearning areas that benefit from a strong male narrator like David.

Online Courses

In today’s technological era, online courses are available for virtually every subject. David excels in helping learners grasp and retain concepts across diverse topics. His clear and engaging voice ensures that learners make lasting connections with the lesson materials.

Corporate Training

Corporate training programs require consistent information delivery across offices, departments, and locations. David’s assertive yet familiar voice helps employees engage positively and take training materials seriously, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Computer and IT Training

Computer and IT eLearning programs benefit from a male voice that sounds intelligent, enthusiastic, and authoritative. David simplifies complex tech issues, making them more digestible for a broader audience.

Medical and Healthcare Education

Medical eLearning covers crucial content such as device training, pharmaceutical information, health and safety guidelines, and procedure explanations. David’s expertise in handling complex medical terminology ensures that health information is explained clearly and retained effectively by learners.

Leadership Training

Leadership training is one of David’s favorite eLearning areas. With experience coaching corporate professionals and artists on confidence, public speaking, and leadership skills, David effectively helps learners of all ages and experience levels develop their leadership abilities.

Product and Sales Training

A versatile male voice is adaptable to various styles, brand personalities, and objectives. With a background in marketing, David excels in product and sales training voiceovers, highlighting how to present and sell products and services effectively.

Educational Apps and Games

David values education and is an avid gamer, making him a perfect fit for voicing educational apps, games, and virtual reality training. He brings excitement and effectiveness to projects that make learning fun and engaging.

For a professional, engaging, and versatile eLearning narrator, consider David Gilbert for your next project.

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