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David brings his 24 years of corporate work experience to his voiceover clients. From a deep understanding of your needs for quality, reliability, and on-time delivery of your audio files when you need it, David gives your project his 100% dedication each and every time. David’s voice can be heard in projects for clients in Canada, the United States and worldwide.

Discover the Advantages of Choosing David for Your Commercial Voiceover Needs

Meet David Gilbert, a seasoned voiceover professional renowned for his extensive portfolio with numerous commercial brands. His talent lies in delivering a natural, conversational tone that effortlessly adapts to diverse styles, ensuring your message resonates with a broad audience. Partnering with David means accessing the expertise of a confident and energetic male voiceover artist who is dedicated to enhancing your brand’s presence.

With almost a decade in voiceovers, David blends creativity with professionalism to bring a unique flair to every project. He thrives on collaborating closely with clients, offering high-quality deliveries that reflect her passion for the craft. His ability to convey authenticity and enthusiasm ensures each commercial stands out, captivating listeners and viewers alike.

Why Choose David?

Dynamic and Relatable Delivery

David’s approachable and conversational voice connects effortlessly with audiences, making him an ideal choice across various demographics.

Expertise in Brand Enhancement

With an extensive background in sales and marketing, David brings his knowledge, experience and an authentic touch to every script, ensuring your brand’s personality shines through.

Versatility in Style

From upbeat and lively to warm and reassuring, David’s versatile voice captures the essence of your brand with clarity and persuasion.

Professionalism and Adaptability

David’s attention to detail guarantees a seamless production process, tailored to meet your specific commercial needs.

Driving Consumer Engagement

In today’s dynamic market, David understands the importance of creating commercials that resonate deeply with consumers, reflecting current social trends and attitudes.

Elevate Your Brand with David Gilbert

Whether you’re aiming to reach new audiences or solidify your brand’s identity, David offers the skills and dedication to bring your commercial vision to life. Contact him today to discuss how he can contribute to your next advertising campaign with a personalized quote or audition. Experience firsthand the impact of David’s charismatic voice in enhancing your brand’s credibility and appeal.


Why Male Commercial Voiceovers Are Effective

The male voice is remarkably adaptable, easily varying in pitch, tone, and intention. David Gilbert is a confident male voiceover artist known for a powerful and engaging sound. His voice seamlessly transitions between fun, friendly, authoritative, relatable, believable, credible, textured, amusing, thoughtful, genuine, sincere, reliable, competent, warm, gravitas, and deep. Having been trained in improv at Second City in Toronto, David excels at bringing his unique viewpoint to scripts. With experience in commercial voiceover, he is ready to tackle a wide range of categories.

Brand Commercials

David Gilbert is genuinely interested in retail, automotive, food, home, and healthcare brands, among many others. Being social media savvy, he enjoys learning about brand identities and their evolution. This insight allows him to capture the unique personality of each brand he collaborates with. And, with a strong knowledge of various brands, products, and services, David is eager to forge new client connections in the year ahead.

Healthcare and Wellness Ads

Healthcare and wellness ads help consumers and patients understand medications, health insurance, first aid supplies, and more. David has experience with medical copy in commercial, medical narration, and eLearning voiceover categories. He is very comfortable with complex medical terminology, and his knowledgeable and compassionate approach puts listeners at ease, instilling confidence in their health and wellness decisions.

Product Launches

Marketing new products requires special attention and unique customer communication. A male commercial voiceover artist like David Gilbert can bring authentic enthusiasm to new products, promoting them with the energy needed to engage customers effectively.

Technology and Innovation Ads

David is a tech geek, enjoying work on content related to technology, appliances, and gadgets. He has a natural aptitude for using software, smartphones, tablets, and other tech. As a self-proclaimed tech nerd, David is the perfect choice for tech commercials and innovation ads.

Travel and Tourism Promotions

For vacation and tourism projects, David’s outgoing and adventurous personality adds depth to travel promos. Whether your company deals with amusement parks, beach destinations, athletic excursions, or animal encounters, David brings a natural zest for life to travel commercials.

Automotive Ads

Whether customers are seeking a family-friendly vehicle, a luxury car, or an adventure jeep for rough terrain, David brings a friendly and down-to-earth tone to all automotive commercial copy. He effectively demonstrates that your vehicles are reliable, desirable, and ready for any adventure.

Have Questions?

David is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Reach out today for fast service!