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2021 Canadian eLearning Conference – Session #303 – June 10


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about narrating your own eLearning program…but were afraid to ask.


Thanks so much for joining me today at the Canadian eLearning Conference!

I truly hope you got a lot out of it and picked up some useful nuggets you can implement in your own eLearning narration.

Since we went through a TON of stuff, and as promised, I’ve pulled together a page of resources you can download plus the FULL presentation below.

If you’re interested, there are also some additional links on my Resources page you can check out here.

Lastly, as a way of further giving back, if you’d like me to review your audio quality, editing capabilities, or narration samples – or have any other questions at all – please, email me anytime at david@davidgilbertvoiceover.com, or use the form below.

 Hope you had a wonderful conference!



PS. If you have any suggestions to add to this resource list please let me know anytime.