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Contact David

To request an audition or quote for a voiceover project, or for any other questions, reach out to David!

Help Me Help You…

Looking for an Audition?

Things that help me provide the best possible audition for you include:

  • who is your target audience (be as descriptive as possible)
  • what is the tone, pace, level of formality or emotion you hear in your head
  • how much of the script would you like to hear
  • how many takes (versions) of the script would you like to hear
  • when do you need the audition back by
  • timing of the project (final script available, finished audio required by, etc.)

Looking for a Quote / Booking a Job?

Things that help me provide the most accurate quote or smoothest possible project include:


  • what is the project (ie commercial, corporate video, explainer video, etc.)
  • how many are we looking at (ie a one-off project or the first of a series, etc.)
  • how long is the script (word count, finished audio length, etc.)
  • where is it going to be used (ie radio station, company website, company YouTube channel, etc.)
  • how long will it be used (ie 13 13-week run on TV, indefinitely on the company website, weekend radio spot, etc.)
  • location to be used (ie local radio vs national TV, global, online-only, internal company use only, etc.)
  • any exclusivity or conflicts to be concerned about
  • timing – quote due date, any audition required by date, recording session date, self-directed audio required by date, etc.
  • and of course, your budget – I will ALWAYS endeavour to work within your budget!

Need Help?

Questions? I won’t bite! Fill out the form below or email David directly at david@davidgilbertvoiceover.com.

Give David a Call

If you’re old school and prefer to hop on a phone call, give David a shout anytime. If he’s in the booth or unable to answer immediately, please leave a message and he’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.


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