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Explainer Video Voiceovers


The demand for clear, spoken guidance has surged significantly in recent years. Instead of wading through lengthy, detailed text instructions, consumers now prefer to listen to a credible voice that simplifies and explains processes and instructions. This shift has led to the rising popularity of Explainer Videos. These concise, informative videos effectively communicate the essentials of your product, service, business, or company, all delivered in an engaging and friendly manner.

Let David bring your explainer videos to life!


Explainer Videos

Benefits of Hiring David for Your Explainer Video Voiceovers

David excels at tailoring his voice to match the tone and sentiment of any content. Whether it requires an authoritative, sophisticated, or engaging voice, David can adapt his narration to resonate effectively with your intended audience. Here are several advantages of choosing David for your project:


Dynamic and Welcoming Voice

David Gilbert possesses a warm and inviting voice that can adapt to a wide emotional spectrum. Whether the content calls for a thrilling, authoritative, or intellectual tone, David’s articulate pronunciation and coherent articulation ensure compelling narrative videos.

Effective Communication Through Explainer Videos

David has extensive experience creating Explainer Videos that simplify complex content for broader public understanding. His proficiency spans across various categories within Explainer Videos, and he welcomes collaborations with new clients.

Personalized Brand Representation

Every brand has a unique voice, and David excels in aligning his delivery with your brand’s style, values, and sentiment. His ability to embody your brand’s essence through his voice builds credibility and resonates authentically with your audience.

Versatility and Adaptability

Explainer Videos thrive when they feel conversational and relatable. David’s exceptional ability to connect with listeners of all demographics, coupled with his approachable and engaging vocal style, ensures that Explainer Videos are informative and enjoyable.

Why Choose David Gilbert for Your Explainer Videos?

David delivers content with clarity and precision, ensuring listeners feel informed and valued throughout the video. With a blend of genuine emotion, humour, care, and authority, David’s voice elevates your project to be effective, efficient, and educational.

Captivating Audience Attention

David’s engaging voice captivates viewers from start to finish, establishing a strong connection that enhances brand reliability and consumer trust. His mastery of tone and emotion enriches the narrative, forging a lasting bond between your audience and your brand.

Clear Articulation and Professionalism

With over two decades of professional experience, David Gilbert is adept at handling diverse scripts and accents. His proficiency in pronunciation and dialogue delivery ensures clear and understandable narration, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

Unmatched Studio Quality

Operating with quality equipment including CAD E100S large diaphragm microphone, Steinberg UR22 interface and a custom-built 5×7′ acoustically treated recording studio. David ensures studio-grade sound quality for every project. Whether the content demands excitement, information, authority, or charm, David delivers a voice that resonates perfectly with your audience’s needs and expectations.

Have Questions?

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